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I once heard a story that elephants are trained as calves to believe that once they have been chained to a stake in the ground that they can’t move from where they are positioned.  What was true for the young elephant continues to be true for the adult. What restricting truth are you carrying with you from your childhood?

Do you have a performance anxiety issue such as Stage Fright, Fear of Public Speaking, or Fear of Performing a Musical solo? If so you may be holding on to shame over a flubbed performance or one negative comment by a critical parent, teacher, or an influential peer. One mistake should not an entire career break. 

Or perhaps, you are a golfer who has plateaued on an embarrassingly high handicap; or a baseball pitcher who does fine as long as the team is ahead and folds under pressure. Do you replay all of your past mistakes over and over? This is  the same as rehearsing failure. 

Does worry about potential problems paralyze you? Maybe you are afraid to get on an airplane, or drive across a bridge. What happens to you when insects, mice, or snakes come into your personal space? Do you have some other chronic type of worry.   Perhaps you worry about your child coming home safely every day or if you have been exposed to Ebola or the Zika Virus. If so you could benefit from hypnosis to clear those fears.

Do you  smoke or overeat to fill the empty places in your life? Would love to stop smoking if only it were possible? Or have you given up on ever getting back in your skinny jeans?

If your thoughts swirl and you can’t focus on the task at hand because of anxiety; or if you can’t get to sleep or stay asleep these too are behaviors that you have learned and you can unlearn them, quickly.

You have all come to the right place, because this is where you can learn how to make the changes in your life that have eluded you up until so far. Don’t wait,  Schedule your session today.