Have you ever felt stuck?

I was recently part of a personal growth group and I noticed that we were all connected by similar struggles.
At the end of this post is a method to help you get unstuck.

We share a common problem. We are sensitive people who know, that if we go after what we want, we will be hurt.

Up until now, we have avoided pain by freezing in a safe place.

Chirs and I aren’t sharing our thoughts with the world. No one can tell us we are wrong stupid.

We are also not creating connections with potential raving fans, building a community of like-minded people. We are safe but stagnant.

Yesterday, I mentioned forgiveness can be a powerful tool. Our thoughts naturally went to the person or person who had hurt us the most. These people in our minds have become the unforgivable ones.

Don’t start forgiveness with these people. Instead, start your forgiveness process with yourself. You trusted these unforgivable people. You shared your ideas with them and they mocked you. You took your child to them and they were incompetent and harmed when they should have healed. You wanted to work with them and they didn’t cooperate. You tried to care for them and they took advantage of you.

How stupid you are. How foolish you have been. How gullible.

You have made painful mistakes with heartbreaking consequences. There is one person at the root of your problems. It’s you.

Just as the people who bought tickets on the Titanic could not have predicted the iceberg in their path. You cannot always predict when one of your choices will have disastrous consequences. The best that you can do is learn from it. And use those lessons to build a bridge across the chasm of failure and try again.

Forgiveness written in the sand
Image by BenteBoe from Pixabay

Self-Forgiveness Process

  1. Acknowledge that you made a mistake.
    • You either didn’t think things through.
    • You weren’t paying attention
    • You didn’t research the problem in advance
    • You didn’t act carefully.
  2. Ask for forgiveness. 
    • You can either ask God or Goddess or the great spirit! Whatever makes sense to you.
    • Or you can write the situation down on a piece of paper.
      1. List your mistakes and what you regret.
      2. What you want to do next time.
      3. Burn the paper.
  3. Make a plan that will move you into the future that you intended.
  4. Take action on the plan.

2 comments on “Have you ever felt stuck?

  1. C Escobar

    Thank you for putting your knowledge out there. I love the taking action part – taking charge, yes!
    I’m also so glad we experienced our group together this weekend and know we will both be better people because of it. I’m putting energy back to you so that your gifts to the world will touch others with the healing heart, mind and knowledge that you possess.
    Go Kate!


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