Stop Smoking

break_up_with_cigarettes_web_126480221Are you ready to become a non-smoker?  

Your affirmative decision is the crucial first step to putting your habit in the past.

If you have tried unsuccessfully to quit  smoking in the past, you know that “will power” can flag.

Smoking is a very social act.  Many of your daily activities have included cigarettes. They have been there for you in good times and bad. Your subconscious mind thinks that you need them in order function happily.

You need to retrain your brain, so that you can have a meal, make a phone call, or have a drink with out a cigarette.

I offer two ways to quit smoking. You can either sign up for private sessions or a  group stop smoking session.

During your  private customized stop-smoking session a recording is made with specific suggestions that are tailored to target the events in your life that trigger your desire for a cigarette. Additional sessions work on any remaining issue you may have.

Or maybe, you would like to work on this issue with a group of like minded future non-smokers. You might like to try a group stop smoking class .

Whether you choose private sessions or a group experience, the important thing is that you make a date to become a non-smoker.