Lose Weight

Too Much? Unload!

Hypnosis supports any healthy eating plan that you may be on such as Weight Watchers®, Nutrisystem®, or Jenny Craig®. Hypnosis supports your resolve to eat the right foods in the right amount.

When you are looking at the scale and it it telling you that you weigh too much and that it is time to unload consider using hypnosis. You deserve to be in charge of all aspects of your life including how much you weigh. You can choose the weight loss plan that works best for you.

  • Group coaching
  • Private coaching
  • Gastric Mind Band

Lose Weight Look GreatEveryone would like to have a slim and attractive body. You know that you should eat more fruits and veggies rather than snacks from the vending machine.

But you are pressed for time or cravings kick in and you feel you have no choice.  Don’t blame yourself for having no will power, and don’t stand in front of the mirror and shame yourself. This just creates a internal war. A war that you can’t win without help.

Hypnosis can be your secret weapon because it can align your subconscious cravings and desires with your conscious decisions. You see it is your subconscious mind that tells you that you are hungry.  It is your subconscious mind that tells you that you want chocolate or potato chips.  The saddest part of this is that it might not even be your body sending the hunger signal to your brain.

You could have an overgrowth of yeast in your digestive track and they can send out the hunger hormone causing your cravings. With hypnosis you can reprogram your brain to interpret those hunger cravings differently.  You can naturally choose to satisfy your hunger with an apple or a salad. These high fiber choices not only fill you up but they can help regulate the time between hunger pangs. Soon that the constant desire for food that is bad for you is no longer a factor.