Hypnosis for Change

boat and ship





Using your conscious mind to change a habit is like using a row boat to tow an ocean liner.  No wonder it is so difficult to change habits.

control room

You probably have figured it out that it would be much more efficient to get into the control room of the ocean liner and run changes from there. That is what hypnosis allows you to do. During hypnosis, you bypass the conscious mind and go directly to the control room of the subconscious mind.

In the control room you can replace the program of “work and work and never stop until you drop” with the program of “work, exercise, sensible lunch, work, go home.” The changes are planned by you and your hypnotherapist before the trance begins. The results are logical and predictable.

Now like any other change you have in mind, you have to continue to practice the new progthrottleram by listening to a recording of your session, daily. You also may need to make some course corrections in subsequent weeks. Once you get everything worked out with your hypnotherapist, it will be full speed ahead to the life you are dreaming of living.