How Hypnosis Works

How Hypnosis Makes Change Easier

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Have you ever noticed that changing a behavior is really difficult? Unless you determine that the change is on the level of survival, you might get distracted before the change is completed and quit. Why is that?

Using your conscious mind to change is like rowing a boat. As long as you are thinking about rowing, you will make progression your goal. But if you switch your focus to another goal such as doing a presentation at work, or planning an event, you will lose focus on the goal and then you will act out of habit instead.

For example, you decide that you want to exercise daily at the gym at work. You have to consciously remember to pack your gym bag, put it in the car, stop working and go to the gym. But what happens? You wake up late and you don’t have time to pack the bag, or maybe if you packed it the night before, you forget to put it in the car. Or you might get to work, and the day is very busy. You dig into your work and before you know it, it’s time to go home.

Another day, another missed opportunity.

Before you get angry at yourself, consider that your conscious mind is the smallest part of your mind. Your subconscious mind takes care of running all of the systems in your body like breathing, circulation, and digestion. It is constantly looking, listening and smelling for potential dangers. If something seems like a problem, your body shifts into fight or flight and begins the process of avoiding danger.

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