Group Weight Loss

old school _web shutterstock_93940780For years people have found that it is more fun to do things in groups. That can be as true for weight loss as it is for any other physical endeavor.  If you are new to hypnosis, why not bring a friend and try out a group weight loss class?

During our Grand Opening, each person who pays full price, can bring a friend along for free.  What better way to learn a new skill and do something good for yourself and your friend than to take a class together?

During class, you will learn about how your body decides what it wants to eat, when and how much. We’ll also talk about the part stress eating and mindless eating can play in adding inches to your waistline.  You can share your experiences with the diets you’ve tried in the past. group_web_300610676

You will also learn:

  • About the critical role your subconscious plays in all of your daily decisions.  
  • How to get it on your side, so that you feel supported not sabotaged.
  • The importance of reconnecting with the slim sexy self inside you.

So call your best pal and sign up for a group class.  What do you have to loose?