Fear of Flying

praying before flying_

Do you feel like you need to say your prayers before you get onto the plane? Do you dread going to conferences? Some people have clammy hands and chills down their spines at the thought of going to the airport. They report that they have ‘pre-flying dread’ that sets in at least 48 hours before boarding the flight. Often making it impossible to sleep the night before the flight and then dread intensifies as they enter the airport. 

fear of flying Some people dread being confined in tight places. Forthem, the the trapped feeling begins when they take their seat and intensifies when the crew closes the cabin door.  Not to mention the discomfort of having a large sweaty man sitting in the center seat. Or the crying baby a few rows in front of you who can not be comforted.  If you are particularly unlucky a child might kick the back of your seat for hours.

lightening strikeFear of flying can be traced to the memory of a difficult flight in stormy weather with lots of turbulence or landing in a mountain airport during a thunderstorm. Once the plane lands, it is tempting to kiss the ground in gratitude.

Would you like to put all of that behind you?  You can with hypnosis. Hypnosis allows you to release fear, tension, and anxiety. Hypnosis is a skill that you can learn and it improves with practice. After each session, you will receive a recording of the session, that you can listen to over and over again. You might be pleasantly surprised to discover the many benefits of hypnosis. One person had this experience,

“It seemed to leak over into other areas of my life too – and I felt myself being a little more carefree and less anxious in general.”

You too can enjoy the relaxing benefits of hypnosis. Contact Your Success Coach Kathleen and schedule a freedom from fear of flying package.  Happy landings!


Happy Landings