Fear of Driving

driving headache

Does the thought of driving give you a headache? You aren’t alone. Some people worry about losing control. Others feel confined in their car and dread being stuck in slow moving traffic.  What if the traffic makes you late?  What if you need to use the restroom? What if you run out of gas or need to get something to eat?

No one welcomes any of these unwanted feelings, but when you are stuck in traffic, it is easy to repeat them over and over while you stew.  This is a good way to turn an annoying experience into a dreadful one to avoid at all costs.


big truck on the road

You might dislike driving behind big trucks but feel too intimidated to drive next to them and to pass them. This is a bit of a paradox.  Cars are driven by amature drivers who might, be talking on their phones or texting. Large trucks are driven by professionals who are focused on the task at hand. They know better than to try and multi-task behind the wheel. Truck drivers know how to stay in their lanes and signal when they are going to move over.

One thing to keep in mind is that big trucks are heavier and have more momentum behind them, so the one thing that they don’t do well is stop quickly. Do everyone a favor and don’t cut in front of the too quickly or break abruptly or you might have a large truck up your tailpipe.

driving in the rain

You may be a fair weather driver who breaks into a cold sweat in the rain.  In an effort to be safe you drive slowly and break frequently.

Without intending to, you inspire road rage in all of the drivers around you, who are frustrated by the delays you inadvertantly are causing.

They might childishly cut you off or refuse to let you merge in front of them.  By the time you get home,  all you feel like doing is to crawl under the blanket and hibernate until the spring showers dry up.

Avoiding dangerous situations is a strategy that has allowed humans to evolve in safety. 

However, avoidance isn’t a very realistic way to negotiate modern life. Doing things that go against your nature can lead to either a lot of stress or an irrational phobia.  What is going on is that the ancient part of your brain also known as your lizard brain is at war with your newer prefrontal cortex.  Hypnosis can get the warring factions of your brain to make peace.

high bridge

freeway spaghetti

So whether you have to drive on complicated roads that bring to mind concrete spaghetti; or you have to cross a bridge in the clouds. Do yourself a favor and make an appointment with Your Success Coach, Kathleen to get rid of your driving phobia.